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Putting on a New Face May 22, 2007

Posted by curtjen in Design.
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A few months ago, for a college project, I was required to put a picture of my head in another picture and make it look realistic. This is what I came up with. Enjoy.

before-picture.jpgBefore portrait1d.jpgAfter

Check Out the New Content Available May 19, 2007

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Along with this site I have been doing another blog where I have been posting different things that I have learned related to e-commerce, SEO, webdesign, and websites and builders. Feel free to browse through these post that I have imported from my other site. You can either browse a page at atime, or by category. And remember, if you ever want to give me a comment, suggestion, ask a question, or even just say hello, please leave a comment with a related post.

New Domain Name May 17, 2007

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Well, I finally went out and bought a domain name for this site. You can now access my site by going to www.goeasydesign.com. The domain is forwarded right now. That’s why you still see the https://curtjen.wordpress.com in your address bar when you come here. I haven’t bought hosting, YET. Don’t worry I’ll let all of you know when I make major changes like that.

Snipshot: Image Resizer, Cropper, and More May 14, 2007

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Snipshot is a good site you can go to if you want to resize or crop your images for use on the web. I was playing around with it today. What I was trying to figure out was if I could create an html code that refers to the image that I could use to insert into the html portion of an eBay post. Easy! You would be surprized to find how easy it really is. Go to www.snipshot.com and try it out.

  • Click on where it says “WebShots” under Snipshot features on the right hand side.
  • Upload an image (you can choose to keep it the same size by leaving it as “Do Not Resize” or you can change the image in the drop-down menu to a number of predefined sizes).
  • Then you will come to a screen where you can you get the link to the image in many different forms (as a thumbnail or original image: within these main categories for a Blog or Website, Forum or Message board, Email or Instant Messenger, or even the Direct Link to the Image).
  • You can now copy the appropriate code to the destination that you would like to use it. For example, it may be a good idea to use the “Blog or Website” code from the Original Image in an eBay listing. Just copy and paste that code into the html portion of your product listing.
  • It would be a good idea to bookmark this page. When finished you can choose to upload more images.

Example of the Thumbnail style link for Blogs and Webpages:
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Paragraph Settings for WordPress: Change Color of Text, too May 10, 2007

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Just found this out from another coworker. You can actually edit the paragraph settings in your post. Hold down Alt+Shift+V
and you will get additional buttons you can use to edit content in your posts. You can change the format of the post (Paragraph, Address, Preformatted, and Heading 1-6). You can change the color of your text. There’s a button you can use to paste from MS Word and from plain text. There’s even a button that you can use to clean-up messy code. There’s a button you can you use to insert special characters like the copyright©, arrows←, fractions ¼, and playing card symbols ♣♥♦, to name a few.

SEO in a Nutshell May 7, 2007

Posted by curtjen in eCommerce, SEO.

The best ways, really, to drive traffic to your site are: 1. Sell a product that there is a demand for and not a lot of competition. And 2. Use keywords and keyword phrases to optimize your site where search engines can find you. You can do this by: selecting good keywords that people are searching for; submitting to directories using good keywords; leave comments on blogs and other public sites; submit articles to article websites; and use your keywords in the text of your site (your text should be 20% keywords). All the while putting links to your site in these keywords. This will create backlinks to your site and will boost your search engine popularity. That is why keyword research is so important.

Transferring Html Code from Nvu to WordPress May 7, 2007

Posted by curtjen in Design.
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Nvu is used to create html code for tables and other features. Copy the html code that you create in Nvu into your WordPress posts or pages and publish there.

1. Create your tables or whatever you’re trying to create in Nvu. 2. Click on the “source” tab at the bottom of the Nvu program window to view the html code for what you created. 3. Copy that code and paste it into an already existing post or page in WordPress or into a new post or page in WordPress. Make sure the click on the tab above the editor box that says “code.” 4. Now click “publish” and you’re done.

New May 7, 2007

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I created this new blog with the intent of recording the different things that I learn about web design, development, SEO, anything to do with eCommerce, and anything to do with business that I find interesting.