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Snipshot Cont. June 27, 2007

Posted by curtjen in Design, Photography.

This week I played around more with resizing images with Snipshot. It was a lot of fun. I found it way easy to use, very user friendly, and straight forward on how to resize, crop, and enhance images. Here are some screen shots and a quick overview of how to resize, crop, and enhance the color of images.

1. Go to Snipshot.com and click on the button that says “Browse” underneath where it says “Open from your computer.”


2. A window will pop-up that you can use to navigate through your computer to the image that you are wanting to edit. Go ahead and choose the image you would like to resize, crop, or enhance the color of.

3. Now you can do any or all of the remaining steps:

snipshot_e4igtj46w9r.jpga. Cropping: After clicking on the Crop button at the top of the screen, click and drag one of the red boxes to change the area you would like to crop. Press enter or double click to apply the crop.

b. Resizing: Similar to cropping, you can resize the image by clicking and dragging one of the little red boxes. Selecting the corners will keep the image to scale. Selecting the edges (top middle, bottom middle, left middle, and right middle) will skew the image (or scrunch it up).


snipshot_e41drq1n9jtk.jpgc. Enhancing: I’m putting the rest of the options into this category. There are a lot of different things you can do with this. Clicking on “Enhance” will automatically alter your image for you, correcting the lighting, contrast, etc. Clicking on “Adjust” will give you options where you can change the size of the image (yes, you can resize it here too), tilt the image (this keeps the dimensions of the image but moves the contents of the image around. Just play around with it, you’ll understand), change the brightness (how light are dark the image as a whole is), change the contrast (how light the lights are and how dark the darks are), change the saturation (how concentrated the colors of the image are), change the hue (that’s the color), and change the sharpness (how blurry the image is).

snipshot_e4odh5mhnqx.jpg4. When finished with your changes save your image. You can actually save in a variety of formats: to your computer (JPG, GIF, PDF, PSD, PNG, and TIF) or to the web (WebShots and Flickr). (I went over WebShots in a previous post).

(Note: I did all the cropping and resizing for images in this post with SnipShot)


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